Professional Partners

EWMT Eurowealth Management and Trustees Ltd

Providing bespoke Wealth Management Solutions including:

– Cyprus Property Trust
– Cyprus Trust
– Trustee Services
– Personal Tax Advice

Regulated by Cyprus Stock Exchange Committee (CySEC)

Lophitou Law

Providing a full legal service to Cypriot and international clients

– Wills and Probate
– Property Sales Contracts and Conveyance
– Title Deed Resolution
– Corporate Services
– Shipping Law
– Family Law and Divorce
– Powers of Attorney
– Litigation and Disputes
– Medical and Personal Injury Claims

Member of the Cyprus Bar Association

A UK firm of solicitors providing a full legal service

– UK Wills and Probate
– UK Property Sales Contracts and Conveyance
– UK Family Law and Divorce
– UK Enduring Powers of Attorney
– UK Litigation and Disputes
– UK Medical and Personal Injury Claims

Regulated by the UK Law Society

EWMT Insurance Advisers & Agents Ltd

A Company registered in Cyprus number HE323292. Head Office Office: 103 Gala Court Chambers, 6 Vassillis Vryonides Street, 3095 Limassol, Cyprus.

Licensed by the Cyprus Superintendent of Insurance ICCS with license number EA/B 232FOS.

We are also a proud member of the Cyprus International Financial Services Association (CIFSA).

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