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EWMT Insurance Advisers and Agents Ltd

International Offshore Financial Solutions for Expatriates

Dedicated Advisers for Discerning Clients
Providing Professional Planning for a Financially Secure Future

Professional Wealth Management Solutions

Wealth management incorporates a number of aggregated financial services all provided by an accredited financial advisory specialist.

Our highly qualified and experienced consultants provide sophisticated, individually tailored, solutions for corporate and personal clients worldwide. EWMT specialises in providing wealth management solutions for you, your family and your company.

Dedicated Wealth Adviser

Selecting the right adviser to assist you in making financial decisions for your future is very important. At EWMT, we believe in placing you at the centre of our relationship.

A dedicated Wealth Manager will work with you to identify your needs and objectives, by analysing your current situation and understanding your existing and future goals. In this way, we ensure that we can meet your short, medium and long-term financial needs.

Lifetime Financial Plan

EWMT will assist you in developing your lifetime plan and advise you on how to meet your financial objectives.

Planning for your children’s education, your retirement, tax planning and protecting your wealth for your family requires a holistic approach to your finances, with individual solutions to enable you to meet your financial goals. Our focus is to understand your objectives in each of these areas and then together we review the different options available.

We guide you through the complex world of financial planning to help secure your financial future now and into the future. We will assist you in making important decisions about your financial future by creating individual, personal, wealth planning solutions.

‘Clients’ not ‘Customers’

So what’s the difference between ‘Clients’ and ‘Customers’? While this may seem random, inconsequential and arbitrary, there is actually a very important concept at work when we choose to call you, the people we work with, “clients” instead of “customers”. To us, a ‘client’ is a partner; a person seeking guidance. It is our job to provide that guidance and we believe that our value is determined by how well we do this task.

‘Customers’ on the other hand are seeking to buy a commodity; to make a purchase and walk away. We don’t have customers because we don’t sell anything. Our work is not a commodity because we value long term relationships, not cash transactions.

For effective wealth management solutions, become a client of EWMT.

Wealth Planning for Discerning Individuals

• Wealth Management Solutions
• International Portfolio Bonds
• Regular Savings Plans
• Tax Efficient Income and Capital
• Education Planning
• Retirement Planning
• Estate Planning and Protection
• Life Insurance
• Whole Life Insurance
• Critical Illness Insurance
• Personal Health Insurance

Meet Our Team


BA Hons. Cert PFS. FAIQ (CII)

Director – Wealth Manager

St.John is a graduate of the University of Kent and a UK and International Certified Financial Adviser. He has been practicing as a financial adviser for over 27 years both in the UK and internationally. St.John is a qualified member of the Personal Finance Society, the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) and the British Institute of Management (BIM) in the UK and he is the current Chairman of Cyprus International Financial Services Association (CIFSA).



Director – Wealth Manager

Isaak is a Professor of Economics from the University of Moscow, a member of the Association of U.S. Financial Advisors and an International Certified Financial Adviser. He has been practicing as an International Financial Adviser for over 25 years and is the author of a bestselling Russian book on Wealth Management.


Bsc Hons. A.C.A.

Director – Chief Financial Officer

Julia is a graduate of the University of Manchester and a UK Chartered Accountant. She has been practicing as an accountant and Chief Financial Officer for over 20 years in the UK and internationally.


Msc. (Member of the Cyprus Bar Association)

Director – Legal Adviser

Antonia is a graduate of the University of Athens (Law), a postgraduate of the University of New York (Maritime Law) and a member of the Cyprus Bar Association. She has been practicing International Law for over 30 years.

EWMT Insurance Advisers & Agents Ltd

A Company registered in Cyprus number HE323292. Head Office Office: 103 Gala Court Chambers, 6 Vassillis Vryonides Street, 3095 Limassol, Cyprus.

Licensed by the Cyprus Superintendent of Insurance ICCS with license number EA/B 232FOS.

We are also a proud member of the Cyprus International Financial Services Association (CIFSA).

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